• How to Properly Loosen Flowerpots

    After growing flowers for a long time, it may cause the soil in the basin harden, nutrients are not enough, is not conducive to the healthy growth of plants. So in order to better growth of flowers, it is best to change the basin. If you don’t like changing your pot frequently, try often lo...
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  • What We Should Put Inside the Flowerpot

    The first one: dead leaves of trees The advantages of using dead leaves are as below: 1. Dead leaves are very common and do not cost too much. There are dead leaves where there are trees; 2. Dead leaves themselves are a kind of fertilizer, which is the same as that when the wheat in rural areas i...
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  • How to use soil for planting flowers in flowerpots

    The soil is the basic material for cultivating flowers, the sustenance of flower roots, and the source of nutrition, water and air supply. Plant roots absorb nutrients from the soil to feed and thrive themselves. Soil is composed of minerals, organic matter, water and air. The minerals in the soi...
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  • How To Find The Perfect Vase Arrangement

    For many people, vase arrangements are an important part of their interior design. Many different ideas can be implemented to enhance the look and feel of your home or office. While the placement of a vase in your home can sometimes be tricky, it is possible to find the ...
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